Tell your story through videos and animations to engage, motivate and inspire your customers

Use attention-grabbing animated graphics to make a big impact and enhance the success of your marketing campaigns.

Our animations can be shared on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, helping you to reach out to wider audiences using fantastic eye-catching messaging.

Let's talk visual story telling

Highly engaging moving ads

From concept to delivery — we’ll work with you to create high quality moving ads — to drive traffic and customer engagement. We’ve worked with many high-end brands and companies, what can we do for you?

Did you know:

  • Animated banner adverts receive higher CTR (click through rates) than other banner design types.
  • Animated banner ads are much more likely to build a stronger online advertising campaign.

More than just an image

You will mainly notice animated banner ads on websites; leaderboard ads, MPUs and skyscraper ads — but did you know that they can be used in mobile apps and even outdoor advertising, like tube or escalator ads!

Lots of clients have taken advantage of animated banners within their email marketing campaigns.

Animation increases engagement and illuminates content simply and effectively.

The benefits of video and animation:

  • Twice as likely to go viral
  • Less expensive than you’d think
  • Quick turnaround

Animation and video says more

Here at Lake Creative, we use strong imagery and highly focused copy to deliver strong campaign messages to achieve high-volume web traffic and engagement.

In partnership with our clients, we design highly-effective marketing campaigns which maintain brand consistency and do more for less.

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Increased social media engagement with animation and video

GIFs and Cinemagraphs can be fun – and provide an interesting, clever and compelling way to communicate your brand or product on social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all allow animated ads – so do more with your social media ads and get in touch with Lake Creative today.

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