The client

Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) is an American for-profit operator of healthcare facilities, and the world’s largest private hospital group. It’s based in Nashville, Tennessee and currently manages 167 hospitals and 113 freestanding surgery centres in the United States. HCA’s presence in the UK is made up of seven main hospitals, all of which are Centres of Excellence based in London. They also manage various other smaller clinics throughout the country.

In February 2016, London Bridge Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK, opened a new three-floor outpatient centre in The Shard. This brand new facility was to host a number of London Bridge Hospital’s outpatient services, moving from the main hospital.

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The campaign

We were briefed to produce a strategic marketing campaign to meet the following objectives:

  • Raise awareness to the target audience
  • Inform and update existing referring markets
  • Increase phone enquiries
  • Increase referrals
  • Open up a new market share for all outpatient services
  • Make the audience aware of the branding link between London Bridge Hospital and HCA Healthcare UK
  • Increase market share

The strategy

We presented a comprehensive marketing strategy, which involved print advertising, television advertising, direct marketing, e-marketing, sponsorship opportunities, and a highly targeted online campaign. This campaign included PPC, Google adverts, SEO, promoted content, a landing page strategy, as well as Facebook and Twitter advertising.

Alongside the marketing strategy, we stressed the importance of having an array of materials to execute and support the overarching campaign.

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Advertising delivery process

Sky Adsmart targeted T.V advertising

Strategic underground adverting

High impression YouTube ads

Target demographic placement

Highly engaging graphical ads

Sophisticated PPC campaign

Here are the results

Results delivered over a ring-fenced four-week period.

PPC and Google Display adverts – 2,816,162 impressions
Facebook and Twitter adverts – 1,270,987 delivered
Sky AdSmart campaign – 1,044,533 adverts watched
Facebook unique advertising clicks of 6,149
Google AdWords and Display Network clicks of 19,830
Brand searches via search engines doubled during brand awareness activities.
The Shard welcomed more than 6,000 new patients through the door

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