claireLOGIC was founded in 2006 and since then, they have been providing reliable,
responsive IT support to businesses of all sizes across the country and internationally.

Marketing linked to business strategy

To enhance client engagement, we supported their lead generation process through creative design and digital development, ensuring a consistent look, feel and tone of voice throughout.

The project

Copywriting and website development: we wrote compelling B2B-focused website copy, adopting  ‘whitehat’ SEO best practice techniques to improve claireLOGIC’s search engine rankings simply and effectively. We provided a full audit of claireLOGIC’s website content – then produced new content and page architecture.

Brand development: we delivered further iconography and creative design – this included everything from product folders and website graphics to email marketing design.

Advertising and marketing: working with local publications to deliver timely articles, advertorials, ad inserts and corresponding blog posts as well as email marketing – promoting the business and distributing narrative about its growth.


To support with client engagement, we produced a selection of merchandising items.

These desktop items were used to prompt IT support engagement between client and claireLOGIC’s service team.

Need to talk creative?

SEO and UX copywriting

User-focused SEO copywriting sits at the heart of improving UX. User experience is the driving factor to deliver engagement; from Google search results, right through to page headlines, imagery, call-to-actions and button content.

We re-wrote copy for each page of claireLOGIC’s website – each page had UX and SEO in mind – it is all about the client; how easily they can find claireLOGIC (as a local IT support company), read the relevant content that they were searching for, then engage and interact.

  • Transition from keyword focus to content and service-led strategy
  • Shift to an ‘audience comes first’ writing style.
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