3 easy ways to improve customer experience

For today’s digitally engaged consumer or business buyer, it’s second nature to predominately use smartphones and social media to engage with businesses.

Written by Hazel Dunlop

Customers are not only comfortable using the latest tech, they also have a much savvier approach to consumerism and simultaneously become researchers, publishers, reviewers, influencers and experts on products and services. Consumers feel empowered to talk. Not only to one another, but also directly to businesses and brands.

Traditional marketing and techniques through TV adverts and print worked because communication could only go in one direction- from brand to consumer with not much chance for a reply, but today’s plethora of digital channels and touchpoints means that this is no longer the case.

Now, a two-way dialogue is firmly established and expected, brands are under the spotlight 24/7. If a customer wants to tell others about an experience they had with a company or product, this can be done in an instant via a quick Facebook status, and with one click, an either condemning or celebratory review can be shared across an online community of hundreds and thousands. If a consumer has a question about a delivery, they can now tweet their question at 4am and receive a reply 5 mins later from a customer service rep.

Due to the speed and size of the audience the digitally engaged consumer can communicate with, it no longer makes business sense to merely treat your customer well, now companies must provide a superior customer experience across all these digital touchpoints and a highly tailored and individualised one at that!

Here are Lake Creative’s top three tips for not just providing your digital customers with a great service but also providing them with an experience they won’t forget and will tell all their online friends about!

  • Social Media isn’t just a business promotion tool: If you are new to social media marketing and consumer engagement, a great first move is to see it as a listening network. Channels such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to listen to what your customers are saying no matter what you market, on a large scale. Once your current customers and prospective customers acknowledge you are listening, you immediately strengthen your relationship, taking their positive experience of your business up a level.


  • Are your products and services buzz-worthy? An effective way to inspire customers to advocate your business and tell others about you online is to have buzz-worthy product s people want to rave about. What is the current wow factor you can offer? What part of a consumer’s experience with your company would move them to tell a friend or their 200 Facebook friends? Start to have a think about little wow moments you can share with your followers that will get them talking and sharing.


  • Internal Advocates: Get your whole organisation on board interacting over social media. Integrate social media into your business practices and operations ensuring there is a social media friendly culture. Every moment that a customer spends looking at your case studies, making enquiries and engaging with you online is an opportunity for you to optimise their experience and be likeable.

We’d love to hear some ways on how you engage with your customers and deliver customer experience! Get in touch, we love to talk and share!

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