My Work Experience at Lake Creative...

Written by Lottie Wistow

Having arrived at Cornbury Park for a week’s work experience, amongst the beautiful countryside, I was greeted by a jumble of buildings, all looking pretty similar. So, which one was Lake Creative? A few hiccups later, I eventually found my way, and was welcomed by the smiling face of Kirstie, who instantly put me at ease after the slightly confusing start to my morning.

With a cup of tea in my hand, I began to work. I was more than happy when the team provided me with a bunch of writing to do for one of their clients, and I began to experience what being a copywriter is all about. I learnt about the different tones of voice required for each document being produced, and how knowing your target audience and what you are trying to achieve is the key to a successful piece of writing. From writing emails, to press adverts, to mail pieces, the team had me writing it all, and I was loving it.

Throughout the week, I began writing blog pieces for Lake’s website, and learning about how to write short, snappy tweets about the work that they do. Having to constantly think of creative little phrases was very difficult, however, I enjoyed the challenge immensely. I also had a go at copy checking and, being a bit of a grammar nerd, I took pleasure in altering any mistakes I found.

All the team at Lake Creative couldn’t have been more kind or more helpful, as they constantly made sure I was happy and comfortable with what I was doing, as well as letting me know that I could ask as many questions as I wanted (of which I had many, having never had any marketing experience before). A week may not seem like much time at all, but I feel as though I have gained invaluable experience that will help me through my last year of university, as well as into whatever job I might find myself in in the future.

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