Beating the January blues
A field guide

We now have our feet firmly in 2018, the last Quality Street has been devoured, and the festive fizz lunchtime on a Wednesday (because its Christmas) has sadly ended.

Written by Hazel Dunlop

We have resolved to learn something new, drink more water, start ‘New Year, New Me’ diets and grueling gym workouts, and now find ourselves back at our desks, revitalised, refreshed and back to reality.

What a lot to take in! With all this ‘self-care’ (wine and cheese deprivation), it’s no wonder January can seem full of doom and gloom. But fear not, at Lake Creative we have put our heads together to bring you four clever tips on how to avoid the January blues at the office.

Match work tasks to your natural rhythms – A great way to be productive and happy at work is to match your work tasks with the times of day that you feel more energised. For example, if you are an early morning person, leave responding to   non-urgent emails until you are in your afternoon lull and crack on with challenging projects first thing. If you and your team seem to have your best ideas in the afternoon, reschedule your morning meeting to after lunch, so you can harness creativity and ideas whilst keeping your team happy too.

Your top resource is your time – At the beginning of each week, plan who and where needs your time that week to harmoniously meet both your organisational and personal objectives. Write it in your notebook or desk calendar, tape it up on the wall, type sticky notes on your desk top or cover your monitor with post-its. It doesn’t matter how you record your goals, as long as you record them and keep them handy. The walls here at Lake Creative are bursting with goals, objectives and creative doodles to inspire us and keep us on track.

Go green – Considering you spend almost 40 hours a week at your desk or in the same office building, it’s not unreasonable to take some time to transform your workspace into a little oasis of calm. Decluttering is liberating, empowering and a physical way to make decisions about your life. Now it’s time to bring in some greenery! Not only are houseplants uber trendy with the Instagram set, most will agree that an office with plants is a more pleasant place to be. We have some fancy statistics to back this up, a study into stress reduction in the workplace saw that introducing plants dramatically reduced stress levels, including:

  • Tension and Anxiety – 37% reduction
  • Depression and Dejection – 58% reduction
  • Ange and Hostility – 44% reduction
  • Fatigue – 38% reduction

It’s a no brainer. We are off to the nearest garden center…

Do what you love – There’s a quote that we like here at Lake Creative ‘Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness’. Now, we’re not suggesting you book yourself the world’s longest holiday or spend all your money on the hunt for the winning lottery ticket to get that sense of freedom you so desperately want and need. The answer, thankfully, is a little closer to home.

It’s simple, focus on what you like in your job and do more of it! Spend some time considering the projects, tasks or elements of your work that you love and then ask your boss if you can do more of them. Your boss usually wants you to succeed, especially if it enhances wellbeing and productivity within the workplace. In addition to this, each day, write down three things you’re grateful for. Gratitude for the good parts of your job will help you   to ride out the difficult parts.

So those were a few suggestions from Lake Creative on how to banish the post-Christmas blues and we’d love to know if you have any other ways to stay productive in the first month of the year so that the rest of it can run smoothly?

Love Lake x

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