Six steps to using social media to market a business...

Are you keen to promote & grow your business digitally through using social media?

If so, here are six steps to help you along the way!

Written by Lottie Wistow


Know your target audience

By viewing what your target audience is discussing and sharing with their friends on social media, you can begin to develop a greater understanding of them and their interests. People lead very busy lives, so the posts you are publishing need to be focused on what will catch their eye. This will keep them intrigued about your business, but also result in them sharing your relevant posts with their friends. So, yes, we are giving you permission to be a little nosy.

Publish great content

Another tip when using social media, is not to go post happy. Too many posts can be overwhelming, and even annoying for your followers. So, really focus on what you want to say and how you want to say it, and take time over each post. You could use pictures and videos, and come up with an array of interesting language choices to keep your followers intrigued. Naturally you want to be able to post regularly, to keep them updated about the services you are providing, but make sure that every post counts.



Support your fellow businesses

The main advantage of using social media for your business, is its ability to reach a variety of businesses anywhere in the world. Therefore, use your account to take advantage of this by simply pressing a follow button, liking a post, or sharing and commenting on another business’ picture. These simple acts let the business know that you are supporting the work they are doing, and are interested in seeing what they get up to. These growing connections can be a huge asset when it comes to raising awareness of your own company, as it can introduce you to other businesses and audiences, and portray you as a friendly, approachable and credible brand.

Acknowledge your audience

When you speak to a potential customer on the phone or face-to-face, you wouldn’t just ignore them if they asked you a question. So, make sure you don’t do it over social media. If someone asks you a question, make sure to answer them as soon as you can and, in your posts, remember to encourage them to give their feedback. It’s a good idea to say things like “what do you think of this?” or “drop us a message if you have any questions.” This not only opens the gate for communication with your target audience, but also engages them in your services and products, and creates a positive outlook on your brand.



Turn it into a business account

On both Facebook and Instagram, you have the option of changing your account into a business account. This differs to a normal account due to the addition of a few extra buttons, which makes your business much more accessible. Firstly, you have the option to store a bunch of information all on one page, including: directions to find you; an email address; and a phone number. This saves your followers time as without these details all in one place, they would have to search online. Secondly, you are also given the added option to ‘promote’ your posts, where you pay a small fee to enable your posts to reach a larger audience.

Make it fun!

And last, but by no means least, a fun business is an interesting business, and what better way of making your business fun than to create a competition for all your followers to take part in? Even if it’s just a random factual question about your business or a discount code they can use, this engagement with your followers helps to create the image of a friendly face behind the brand. And who doesn’t love a bit of competition anyway?


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