Views from all the new recruits!

by Judy Anders

As a newbie (eight days in!), but with loads of blue chip company marketing experience, one instantly notices the open friendly culture of Lake Creative.

People talk! And the conversations are positive and proactive with the end result of swift decisions that help our customers quickly. As campaigns are logged online, progress is visible – it’s all about transparency at a glance.

Standards are high – the boss lets nothing leave the office until he has approved it. His attention to detail is incredible.

The setting is inspirational – how amazing to be situated in beautiful Cornbury Park by a lake. Quite different to my old car park view! What a perfect recipe for fantastic marketing. Judy Anders, Commercial Development Manager

Matthew Heason who joined recently as a Graphic Designer adds “My first impressions when joining Lake Creative were that they were a humble and welcoming team. Whether it was the country air, or the peaceful location, they all seemed relaxed and open. Learning about the work they produce, I began to understand the different strengths that the team possess. It was great to see how a network of skills could be utilised effectively to create integrated design and marketing outputs.”

WARNING: Staff selfie... WARNING: staff selfie... WARNING: staff selfie... WARNING: Staff selfie... WARNING: Staff selfie...

Klara Harvey, our new Client Manager (four days in!) says the team “comes across as very professional and focused. I think there is good communication within the small team. And the team support each other.  There is a sense of calmness within the office. Everybody is friendly and helpful. Each member of the team has got very strong personality in different way. First impressions are very good and makes me to want to return to work! “

And we’ve just welcomed Kirstie Pendry, our new Account Executive, to support the team. Kirstie says “Lake Creative feels like a family. I have been welcomed into such a fabulous team who are great to work alongside. Lake Creative have shown me in these first few days that they will go further than expectations to please clients, because they care. Especially shown in the work we do for HCA Healthcare, making sure they get the best results possible from all different marketing materials such as, ensuring all materials are on brand and customers receive the best possible service.”

The future is bright and Lake Creative are expanding. What have you found special about the team members you work with?

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